Shared Roots is a place for small, sustainable, local family farms to reach customers & sell products.

Shared Roots is a platform for:

  • Centralized ordering
  • Decentralized production & delivery.
    • We market, you produce.
    • We handle payments, you handle the product.
    • We take orders, you deliver.
  • Sell & deliver your products any way you want, and let us handle the marketing and payment processing.
Create Your Account and get started in minutes

The features available to Shared Roots farmers include:

  • All the eyeballs you could ever want on your business’ listing.
  • Fully customizable listing that includes:
    • Images
    • Products
    • Description
    • Your message
    • You can use your listing just like your farm’s website
      • Your online business card
    • Full online market:
      • Add your products.
      • Set prices.
      • Add your Paypal account.
      • Publish your store.
      • Receive orders and payments directly from customers.
  • We market you and your products.
  • We process online payments from customers.
  • You receive orders and communicate directly with your customers.
  • You grow food & deliver it. We do all the rest.

What does it cost?

  • All features of your farm listing are free.
  • If you sell products through Shared Roots, we charge 10%.
    • 2.9% + $0.30 credit card fee.
    • The rest is our fee for growing your audience and maintaining the website.
  • You will never be charged anything unless we find you customers and sales.