Seattle Local Food History

Seattle is a local food paradise. Home to Pike Place Market, the oldest farmers market in the nation, as well as being the most important fishing port on the west coast, Seattle’s history is built on local food and much of the city’s pride is based on local food production.

Sustainable Seattle

Seattleites grow a lot of their own food. Gardening and backyard farming is a very popular pastime in the sun-starved city and when it’s sunny out you can find Seattleites out in the garden growing tomatoes, beans, peas and broccoli. The Seattle Tilth is a 30 year old urban food growing educational center and garden that promotes and teaches how to grow your own food.

Farms Near Seattle

Seattle Farmers Markets

Do It Yourself: Urban Farming In Seattle

  • Urban farming organizations
  • Urban farming stores
  • Community gardens (p-patch)